Weller Pottery vase being reproduced.

Weller Roba Vase reproduction alert.

Up until now, Weller Pottery has dodged the bullet of cheap knockoffs, but alas, a new Weller reproduction is now making the rounds on EBay and I am seeing more and more of them listed… and 99% of them are being listed as genuine Weller, and are not ID’ d as forgeries.  I will give the sellers the benefit of the doubt and assume that they don't realize they are peddling false wares.  And I will admit that I even purchased one of these vases, and realized the moment I took it out of the bubble wrap that I had just thrown $21 down the drain.

It is the Weller Roba, two handled, 7 inch vase that is being reproduced.   For now, it seems to be restricted to this one vase, and the other vases and forms in the Roba line are not being reproduced at this time.  

The forgeries are pretty easy to spot, once you know what you’re looking for.  View the examples I have below.  You can see the original Weller vase has soft colors – pastel greens, a pale buttercream yellow for the flower – while the reproduction has a darker green and a bright, garish yellow for the flower.  When you look at the Weller stamp on the bottom, note that the original vase’s bottom show some age wear and some browning, and the stamp is not as deep or crisp – all this is consistent with its age.  The reproduction’s bottom is stark white with no age or browning.

If you pick up one of these vases in a store, you will also notice that the feel of the vase is off – it feels lighter, not as substantial.

Remember, always be vigilant when bidding on an online auction.  Look over all pictures provided for clues as to color, condition and authenticity.  Comparison shop, don’t just buy the first item you find.   And remember, sometimes a good deal IS too good to be true.